President’s Message

Password granted only to current active alumnae

GREETINGS, to all as we begin this New Year of 2022.

As the Prayer below reminds us that life brings endings along with new beginnings, it appears that we are beginning to live with the acceptance and reality of the Covid virus that has been a part of our lives now for over two years.

We continue to deal with the uncertainty of ways in protecting ourselves and others from becoming exposed to a virus that continues to plague our nation and has taken so many lives. Yet, we are hopeful that as the days of the new year go by through God there will be an end.

While we yearn for times when there was no pandemic we are aware that it is necessary that we continue to live our lives with the purpose or purposes that have been given to us by a higher power.

While we did not have the usual 2020 Biennial Reunion we are thankful that we were able to have the virtual presentation of our CHSNAA achievement, that being the unveiling of our historic marker that was placed at the site where our graduates of the Columbia Hospital School of Nursing had their beginnings. The street now identified as the Columbia Hospital Way.

So as we make plans to host another virtual event, we are hopeful that it will be a warm and social 2022 Reunion much like we witnessed when we had our previous onsite reunions. What better way to demonstrate being, “CHSNAA Legacy Builders”.

These years of uncertainty and staying mostly in our homes, have assisted us in becoming more aware and knowledgeable of the use and tolerance of ZOOM meetings. While we may be a legacy we are always willing to learn and participate in new things.

May God continue to give me and us the health and strength to continue living in the New Year 2022.May God Bless.


Jettiva S. Belton (c1965)